Masssage therapy


Anti-stress Massage of the Head, Hands, and Feet

Head and hands massage and reflexive foot massage, this is the perfect anti-stress
cocktail. Say goodbye to tension and headaches and melt away in fabulous relaxation.

Aromatherapeutic Massage

Aromatherapeutic massage is a caress and nourishment for all your senses, soul, and
body. The composition of quality essential oils, selected right before the massage itself,
allows to target the specific needs of each client and deepens the therapeutic effect of the

Zen Shiatsu

Shiatsu, based on traditional Chinese medicine, balances the energy in your body and helps you in your search for health on a physical and mental level. Anna will work through touch, massage, kneading, warming, and stretching. She will release tension and replenish energy to the “empty” places according to your body’s needs. Shiatsu can also accommodate pregnant women.

Individual Holistic Therapy

A therapeutic programme fully tailored to each individual, where together we embark on a
journey leading to harmony with ourselves and the outside world, in tune with the flow of
being and for understanding the deeper meaning of illness or other difficulties including
challenging life situations

Our team

We create a peaceful space where you can leave your worries and pains behind. A space where you can entrust yourself to be cared for with ease. We treat our clients with the best of our knowledge and belief, hence without prejudice, with respect and compassion. We combine long-standing expertise and experience with intuition and perception of the client’s individual needs. We wish to have the peace of mind to devote ourselves to each client, thus we offer longer massage sessions than usual.

Anna Samková

Anna is here to help you find the best treatment and massage therapist. Anna is the one to answer the phone or reply to your email. She does not massage herself at the moment as she is on maternity leave..

Hana Homsi

Hana looks at the world holistically. Everything is interconnected. Through touch and word, she will guide you on a journey to find your center and power and a path to experience the fullness of life with genuine feelings. She can locate and dig deep into the right spots and yet nourish them gently at the same time.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Highly recommended place… The search ends here
Sitaram S.

Massages overview and prices

Our belief in Massage Therapy is that the longer the time, the more effective the massage. Therefore, longer massages are more financially beneficial. We reserve enough time for each client to get a sense of calm besides an effective massage. Thus, part of the massage includes the opportunity to first sit down with a cup of tea and tell each other what you need and expect from your visit with us. After the massage, you will again be given space to “land back on Earth”.

We also value our returning clients. Thus, we offer a “sixth free massage in six months” card. Regular visits make our work more efficient and more convenient for you.

Druh masážeCena
Massage 45 minutes1100,-
Massage 75 minutes1550,-
Massage 90 minutes1750,-
Massage 2 hours2200-
Massage 2,5 hours2650,-