Aromatherapeutic massage is a caress and nourishment for all your senses, soul, and body. 

It relieves muscle tension, treats painful areas, has a positive effect on the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and contributes to the removal of toxic substances from the body. It also works with the energy in the meridians (energy pathways) and acupressure points. The composition of quality essential oils, selected right before the massage itself, allows to target the specific needs of each client and deepens the therapeutic effect of the massage.

Similar to meditation or just before falling asleep, deep relaxation lowers the brain frequency to an alpha level where your body can effectively regenerate itself.

Allow your mind to relax and your body to loosen up under the fragrant touch of therapist Hana.

75 min – 1600 CZK

90 min -1800 CZK. More time for massage means more pampering 🙂

120 min – 2200 CZK

150 min – 2650 CZK. Luxury full body massage with aromatherapy

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