In a holistic* or integrative approach to health, the human being is seen as specific and multilayered, and for this reason, I design a therapeutic program fully tailored to each person, where together we embark on a journey leading to harmony with oneself and the outside world, in harmony with the flow of being and with an understanding of the deeper meaning of illnesses or other difficulties, including challenging life situations. I am happy to guide you towards finding your center and power, towards genuinely experiencing the love and fullness of life, if you allow yourself to actively participate in this journey.

I will use all the tools at my disposal to do this, starting with conscious conversation, then working with the mind, emotions, breath, voice and sound, guided meditation, visualization, bioenergetic and meridian exercises, nutrition, detoxification, conscious touch, and last but not least energy and massage treatments, as we are often more accessible and flexible through the body than through the mind.

* A holistic therapeutic program conceives of health in an integrative way that includes a dynamic balance between the inner environment of the person (somatic, psychological, social, spiritual aspects), the outer environment of the Earth (biosphere, pedosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere), the solar system and the universe of which the person is a natural part.

90 min – 1750 CZK

120 min – 2200 CZK

I’m thrilled

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Today I had therapy with Hana and I am thrilled, both the approach, the massage, and the environment are great.
I made an appointment again and I will recommend
you again 🙂
Gabriela P.

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