A smooth but powerful muscle massage with warm oil that gets the blood flowing, energizes, loosens spasms, and returns functionality to a stiff body. Excellent for those who like a firm touch and want to feel a change in their body.

Back and neck massage
Most often we seek massage because of back pain or because we like to have our back stroked. The massage therapist will combine all their knowledge and skills to help you with the pain.

Massage of the lower limbs
If you’ve been on your feet for days, have run a race, or are so exhausted that you “can’t stay on your feet,” then a one-hour lower extremity massage is just right for you.

Upper limb and neck massage
Are your shoulders, wrists, and tennis elbow bothering you? Do you do manual work? Or did you like to touch the palm of your hand when you were a child with the song “Mother Mouse Cooked Porridge”? Come and enjoy a massage from the neck to the fingertips.

Abdominal massage
Abdominal massage is not very common in the Czech Republic, which is a pity. It relieves muscle tension, helps with functional digestive disorders, and also firms up the skin, thus pleasantly complementing body shaping.

75 min – from 1550 CZK During this time we like to carefully attend to one part of the body. Clients come most often with back or leg pain.

90 min – from 1750 CZK In an hour and a half we can loosen the back and overloaded legs and arms.

120 min – from 2200 CZK

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Awesome! I highly recommend it. Great massage, pleasant environment, and sympathetic approach
Nathalia W.

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